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livedigital Docs

This site contains documentation for livedigital products:


livedigital WebRTC conferencing

Contributing to livedigital Docs

Docs site is generated by Jekyll from markdown files stored in docs repo. When you push into main branch, GitHub Action will be triggered to generate and publish updated version. Be aware that when Jekyll is .

Jekyl configuration is stored in _config.yml file. In this file you may change structure of categories, add plugins, set site meta, select a theme.

We use Just the Docs theme to render final HTML pages. It is hosted in its own GitHub repo and is configured as a remote theme.

Follow these steps to work with livedigital Docs:

  1. Clone docs repo:

     git clone
  2. Install Bundler if you don’t have it yet:

     gem install bundler

    Install other dependencies needed to run Jekyll locally:

     cd docs
     bundle install
  3. Make changes or create new documents in _docs folder.

  4. Test changes locally:

     bundle exec jekyll server --livereload

    Open and explore your pages. With --livereload flag, pages are rendered automatically as you save them on disk. If you’ve touched _config.yml file, relaunch jekyll server to make changes come into effect.

  5. If everything looks fine, push your changes into main branch.

  6. Check that updated docs are built, published and look fine. Wait until a new workflow run becomes green on the Actions page. Open and explore your pages.