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livedigital Management API Overview

livedigital Management API helps you to create new applications that use livedigital SDKs.

Using this REST API, you can make new channels and manage peers in these channels. More advanced features like peer broadcasting between channels, custom realtime notifications for all peers in a channel are at your fingertips with livedigital Management API.

You can find full API methods list in Swagger spec.

Base URL

All URLs referenced in the documentation have the following base:
login: lsd
password: lsd

The API is served over HTTPS. To ensure data privacy, unencrypted HTTP is not supported.

API Authentication

You have to provide your API token in X-API-clientToken header for all API requests.

$ curl \
  --header "X-API-clientToken: eA9a6z76zsC2K9MjKBhEs7JLh3r7X29j" \

Obtain API token and SDK secret

To obtain API token you shoud contact with livedigital sales. You will also get SDK secret that is required for SDK integration.

Make new application

Before you start using LiveDigial SDKs you have to create at least one application. Different platforms can use the same application if they serve the same channels. livedigital Management API lets you make as many applications as you want.

To make new application with the API POST to /clients/applications.

You can also leverage the REST API to query all your applications, get statistic of usage and delete them:

Leverage the livedigital SDKs to bring voice and video calls into your apps

Manage channels

Channel is an entity like virtual room that people can join to have a conversation in. Management API lets you make and manage channels programmatically any time you want.

To make new channel with the API POST to /clients/applications/{applicationId}/channels.

You can make a new channel before the start of the call and delete it after the end. Or you can re-use an existing channel if you have repetitive calls like everyday classes or meetings. Just use a channel ID in the join method in any livedigital SDKs.

You can also leverage the REST API to query all your application channels or delete them:

Manage connected peers

Peer is a conversation member who is currently online and connected to its channel. Management API provides several endpoints to control over the Peers.

You can get all peers of a channel, broadcast peers from one channel to another one or kick them if you want.

Custom peer messages

Also you can send any custom message to all peers of any channel and they will receive it immediatelly. It is usefull if you want to build one more communication level between peers, e.g. online votes, chats etc.

Here the list of described endpoints:

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